Consider browsing your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed, when you come across a story that has been shared thousands of times, liked immensely and commented on beyond belief. Chances are you are going to trust those other individuals and view that article as well – the content clearly seems worthwhile. Google, since its dawn, has done its best to emulate the manner in which real people analyze and rank content – and they have been quite successful! With their complex algorithm, Google values content that get more interaction from popular on social networks, and rewards it: this is where Social Signals come into play. Internet marketing optimization professionals often look at two segments of Internet promotion: Social Networking and SEO. Because they separate them, as opposed to integrating them into a single cohesive website visibility strategy, less experienced SEO consultants neglect many important aspects. As a result, their client’s rankings do not achieve their full potential.

Social Signals are essentially links which are posted on social media websites, promoting or sending a positive signal to your Kansas City business website. Generally, they are links from someone’s profile, to yours, but can be shares, “re-tweets” and so forth. Often times people create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and so forth, and then generically post their content onto these websites – but without any type strategy. The benefit of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is that you can build out a highly interactive content distribution channel – there are millions of active users, searching for something worthwhile to share. To really have an impact, your company has to provide the content as opposed to trying to fake it with a third party social media marketing firm. Social Signals work best for SEO by engaging your audience and building links through legitimate and natural sharing.

People tend to view Social Network value in terms of follower count, however, its the combination of follower quality and social signals attached to your content that will contribute to your SEO rankings. Improving your search rankings improves your user base, which improves your social networking power….which in turn – through social signals – further improves your search rankings! Its a relatively fluid cycle which can only be realized when the Social Media and SEO strategies are merged. The idea that these two segment of Internet marketing  are mutually exclusive is one of the biggest current barriers for SEO today.

The key to achieving social signals start where all successful SEO tactics do: with unique, relevant, well-written and targeted content. They are not a replacement for other link-building techniques, but rather a necessary ingredient.  If your content is worth reading, people will read it and pass it along. When Google sees how frequently your content is passed around, their algorithm will determine if its most relevant their users.   By embracing and actively participating on the major social networks, not only will you have a presence on networks with hundreds of millions of potential customers, but those you will get improved organic search engine rank. Social Signals are now a critical component of SEO and part of your company’s foundation for link building.