One of the most significant changes that Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates have brought about are the fact that Google is giving significant weight to social media signals. However, everyone is still trying to figure out how the search engine is measuring these signals.

One thing is for sure, publishing and promoting excellent content via social media websites is an excellent way to enhance your presence online. Most social media sites have a good reputation, and if you produce high quality content to publish on them, there is very little chance it will get sandboxed any time soon. In addition, millions of people use social media sites regularly. Some regular websites receive this type of traffic; but, many don’t.

Both Google and Bing have stated that they use social media signals to figure website value, so if you want a strong presence online, you have to merge it into your marketing strategy on some level. If you’re not experienced with social media, it’s best to ask for some help to do this. As web designers in Kansas City, we can help you.

In addition, many of your customers are looking for your presence on their favorite social sites to see how you relate to customers, and glimpse a bit of your personality.

In addition to winning favor with the search engines, social media can drive targeted leads to your business, that you would not get otherwise. When it comes to social media, it also seems that people are watching you more and paying closer attention to your interactions with consumers; your participation in online events; and the company image you present. Whereas if you have no presence on these sites, you’re missing out on several thriving hubs of consumer activity, that you might find good for business. Contact us to learn more.