Welcome to my first blog post, which is a bit Seinfeld-esque because it’s about nothing and rambles quite a bit. I’ve been in search engine optimization and internet marketing for over ten years in some way, way, shape or form. This is a both an blessing and a curse. Experience can give SEO’s an edge, but only if they apply this knowledge in real-time. In search engine optimization and search engine marketing, adaptability, creativeness and tenacity are far more valuable than experience.

Anyway, for a long time now I’ve preached to my local and national clients about the importance of consistently creating new and relevant digital content, yet have never done so for my own site or businesses. It’s tough for me to sell the importance of blogging, yet not maintain a current, relevant Kansas City SEO blog myself. Additionally, I do just about everything differently from most national and regional SEO’s that I know. The beauty about search engines (and Google in particular) is that they get better every day. They are getting much better at neutralizing tricks and system-gaming, and rewarding new and creative SEO methods that make the Internet better (and thus the search engines more valuable). Further, they are much faster now at indexing and ranking sites, and much better at collective and applying real-time activity and social interaction with new relevant content. This means that creative SEO’s can test creative and test new methodologies in real-time, see results quicker and apply these new tactics immediately.

Going forward I hope to share some background, methods and case studies to help local Kansas City businesses improve their online visibility. Everywhere I go, I tell people that search engine optimization (when done correctly), provides the highest return on investment in the history of business. There is no other medium where your prospective buyer can find you and buy your products at the exact moment they want it, without any form of advertising or demand creation. I plan to write more about how traditional advertising helps create market demand, and how this demand is channeled back to the internet via natural searches and product / service reviews. I always tell my clients to let their competitors spend money on advertising like fishermen throwing chum out into the water. We sit back with our big SEO net and scoop up huge chunks of market share.

This SEO Kansas City blog will also provide tips on how to hire an SEO, what red flags to look for and what services should be included. I am a HUGE believer in limited exclusivity for SEO clients. If you hire an SEO firm or professional, make sure that they do will not engage one of your competitors for the same primary service and geographic target. This is major conflict of interest, yet it is done all the time…even here locally. You should have some form of limited exclusivity from your Kansas City SEO consulting firm for as long as you are an SEO client.

Mainly we hope to bring proven SEO knowledge to local Kansas City companies. There is one type of company that is unbeatable online: this is a company that employs a high ROI search engine optimization firm, while at the same time training and using their own human resources for SEO and making search engine marketing part of their daily offline routine. Check back for more on this topic.