Consider browsing your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed, when you come across a story that has been shared thousands of times, liked immensely and commented on beyond belief. Chances are you are going to trust those other individuals and view that article as well – the content clearly seems worthwhile. Google, since its dawn, has done its best to emulate the manner in which real people analyze and rank content – and they have been quite successful! With their complex algorithm, Google values content that get more interaction from popular on social networks, and rewards it: this is where Social Signals come into play. (more…)

For start-up businesses or those that haven’t yet explored Internet marketing, social media can be a nagging proposition.  After all, there is email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and much more that is involved – and that leaves one big avenue left with social media.  (more…)

One of the most significant changes that Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates have brought about are the fact that Google is giving significant weight to social media signals. However, everyone is still trying to figure out how the search engine is measuring these signals. (more…)

Google has taken further measures to ensure its quality standards with its recent update named “Penguin.” Over-optimization is one of the key issues in this update that has affected many website owners. While Google most likely has some of the best intentions in mind for creating better experiences for its users there are two main groups people who seem to be really mad about the latest updates. The people that seem to be most upset about the update include spammers and those concerned with a the potential rise of taking out competitors through dishonest anti-SEO methods. (more…)

This is a topic I feel strongly about and is indeed a service differentiator for my Kansas City SEO firm. Website Design and Development represents an infinite market. The Internet can contain an unlimited number of websites. So if your firm wants to hire a Kansas City web design firm, and you do not care if or where your website ranks on the search engines, you should select a web development company based on the subjective design capabilities of their designers. (more…)